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Discover How To Quickly and Easily Improve Your Dressage Riding and Never Feel Alone, Confused & Frustrated Again



Dear Dressage Riding Superstar,

Dressage can be a struggle at first – I get that. When I first started riding I naively set the goal to reach Grand Prix in 5 years! Little did I know that I was in for a difficult journey of tears, frustration and thoughts of giving up.

This journey is where I would make every mistake in the book, feel alone in my training and be lost and confused with what to do next!

One of the advantages of the journey I took to Grand Prix is that I’ve done my 10,000 hours of training, and had the chance to work with dozens of world-class trainers and Grand Prix Dressage riders, and coach 1000’s of riders world-wide.

What I discovered was that I was not unique in my experiences of frustration and helplessness in my dressage journey. In fact, riders all around the world were having these same experiences of confusion, not knowing what to do and feeling alone.

In fact, did you know that most dressage riders struggle with the same things

they all need to know how to…

  • Connect their seat more effectively with the horse
  • Train effectively and productively by themselves
  • Fix small common problems early before they become big problems
  • Keep their hands still and supple
  • Follow the German Training Scale, but more importantly understand the German Training Scale
  • Learn and understand the Rider Success Scale
  • Learn and master the rider mindset so you can ride with complete clarity and focus
  • Progress in their training
  • Have fun learning and enjoy the journey

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get all these things to come together?